We wish to provide answers to some commonly asked questions in an attempt to help shed some light on the current situation in the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board schools. Please understand that this situation is evolving very quickly and responses may be changed or updated regularly.

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Q 1: Why has the school board closed all its schools/centres?
A: Following a directive from the Government of Québec, all schools/centres across the province of Québec are closed until May 1, 2020 fo to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The head office remains operational to ensure essential services.

Q 1: When are schools reopening?
A: Elementary schools are reopening either on May 11 or May 25, depending on where they are located. High schools are closed until September, but on line learning continue.

Q 2: Are the teachers or any other staff working?
A: Teachers have been asked to do follow-ups with students starting the week of March 30. Our head office continues to ensure that essential services are maintained.

(MODIFIED)Q 3: Can I come and get some of my child's things? Can I pick up my child's books?
A: We have received a very clear directive from the Ministry of Education that parents and students may not access school/centre buildings over the course of the shutdown period mandated by the Government. This also applies to staff members, unless their presence is required to provide essential services that they cannot execute remotely. On April 14, we were informed that, under strict directives of Public Health, and as an exceptional measure, our most vulnerable students could have access to their essential items. Schools and centres contacted those students directly.

Q 4: Are daycare services open?
A: Some emergency daycares are open, free of charge, only for the children of identified essential service personnel, such as health care, law enforcement and public security, until May 1. These locations were identified by the Government of Québec because of their proximity to hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities.

Q 5: Will I have to pay my school daycare fees for the days of the closure?
A: No. Anything that has been prepaid will be credited. No fees will be charged.

Q 6: Is the school year going to be compromised?
A: The Ministry of Education has stated that the school year should not be compromised.

Q 7: What will happen with school trips?
A: All trips are cancelled during the closure. All other trips must be revised in partnership with the school or centre's governing board on an as-needed basis. Details regarding refunds are dependent upon the tour operators, hotels or other businesses that will be receiving the cancellation notices. We will provide you with specific details about these activities as this situation unfolds.

Q 8: What cleaning has been done in the school during the closure?
A: Special cleaning measures are in place since schools/centres have been closed and are reinforced during the school/centre shutdown. Surfaces are being disinfected regularly by caretakers, and another thorough cleaning will be done before students and staff return.

Our protocols for cleaning are also enforced in our schools offering emergency daycare services, and caretakers are on duty during daycare hours. This includes regularly wiping down, with a disinfectant, all surfaces such as doorknobs, hand dryers, sinks and any high-traffic areas.

(MODIFIED) Q 9: Can teachers assign work for my child to do at home?
A: When schools were first closed on March 13, the Minister of Education had made it been clear that teachers were not expected to provide work to students until March 30.

Starting the week of March 30, teachers will be checking in with students on a weekly basis to see how they are doing and provide pedagogical support. While connecting with their students, teachers will also encourage them to use the SWLSB Learning Backpack resources as well as the pedagogical activities provided by the Ministry of Education (MEES) at the website.

(NEW) Q 10: I stopped receiving emails from the school board. I only see the SMS notifications. Why is this?
A: If the SWLSB emails are not in your clutter mail folder, you have probably unsubscribed yourself from receiving SWLSB emails. Please send an email to to be reactivated.

(MODIFIED) Q 11: When can parents recuperate their children's personal belongings ?
A: The Ministry of Education and Public Health Services have asked all schools/centres to suspend the picking up of essential belongings until further notice. On April 14, we were informed that, under strict directives of Public Health, and as an exceptional measure, our most vulnerable students could have access to their essential items. Schools and centres contacted those students directly

We will make every effort to add additional questions as they arise and update answers as the situation changes.

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