Summer School 2020


Summer school will be offered from July 13 to 31, with the following parameters:

• secondary 4 and 5 students who received a final mark between 50-59% on their June report card;

• summer school will be offered online in collaboration with LEARN;

• registrations are taken on the LEARN QUÉBEC website ;

• Should your child not have access to both a device and internet connection, and wish to take this online course at our Laval Junior Academy campus, please let us know by contacting us via phone (450 621-5600 Ext. 8560 ) NO LATER than July 7;

Registration for Summer School

Register here

Summer school flyer

Exam Retakes

• Retakes for ministry exams from June 2019 or January 2020 (in person at LJA)​

For information about exam retakes please email:

Registrations for exam retakes will take place BY PHONE on July 6 and 7 from 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m at 450 621-5600 extension 8560

For more information

visit LEARN's website LEARN QUÉBEC

or email us at :

or call us at 450 621-5600 extension 8560