184 Principale
Grenville, QC
J0V 1J0
Phone : 819 242-2852
Fax : 819 242-3301

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Grenville Elementary School

Philosophy / Mission

Grenville Elementary School offers a nurturing family like environment in which students are encouraged to meet with academic success and personal growth.

General Information

Grenville Elementary is located on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River across from Hawkesbury, Ontario. This small school has a proud tradition of community involvement and academic excellence.

Parent Participation

Parents are active partners in our school community. Grenville has an active Governing Board and Home and School Organization committed to the success of our school programs and activities.


Grenville Elementary offers a general youth sector program from Pre-Kindergarten to Cycle Three. Students have the opportunity to participate in a full range of academic programs as well as activities.

Events and Activities

Students are involved in a number of noon hour programs and our choir has performed with the Golden Touch production. Students use laptops and iPads on a daily basis and make extensive use of the video conferencing unit to visit a variety of sites around the world.

Every student in the school has the opportunity to participate in our swimming program.

The students and staff are involved with Concordia University in an electronic portfolio project.


The following services are available at Grenville Elementary School:

  • Resource teacher
  • School psychologist
  • Library technician
  • Nurse
  • Cafeteria services are available on pre-determined days.


Grenville Elementary School has a gymnasium, a library and computers and iPads in the classrooms.