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Chomedey, Laval, QC
H7W 4J8
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Hillcrest Academy

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Philosophy / Mission

Hillcrest Academy is a public school whose raison d'ĂȘtre is to promote high academic standards and positive human values through a strong partnership with parents. These goals will be achieved with an emphasis on multiculturalism, multi-lingualism, science and mathematics.

Hillcrest Academy emphasizes acceptance and respect of others. Whether in academic, co-curricular or cultural activities, students are taught about different languages, religions, and cultures that make up our Canadian mosaic. It is with this understanding that tolerance and love of neighbour are infused in children.

Hillcrest Academy is in the second year of a three-year plan of implementing the program Vers le pacifique - the Pacific Path. It is the goal of this program to teach every child in our school the skills necessary for conflict resolution and peer mediation.

Hillcrest Academy has taken great strides in developing and implementing new curricular guidelines based on the educational reform being promoted by the MELS.


Hillcrest Academy is a French Immersion school

  • In Kindergarten 100% of the instruction is done in French.
  • In Cycle One, 53% is in French and 47% is in English
  • In Cycle Two, 57% is in French and 43% is in English
  • In Cycle Three, 57% is in French and 43% is in English

Hillcrest Academy also offers a CCS (Co-Curricular Studies) program. This program has two components:

  • A Language of Choice or Heritage Program
  • Programs of Choice in the Arts, Math/Science, Physical Education disciplines.

There is also a Hillcrest Instructional program that offers:

  • A before-and-after-school program
  • A supervised homework period
  • All-day workshops on Professional days.

    Events and Activities

    Hillcrest Academy offers a myriad of activities for the student body. In conjunction with their academic program the teachers at Hillcrest Academy plan many field trips throughout the year.

    We have a vibrant Physical Education department that plans many extracurricular activities throughout the year such as basketball, soccer, flag football, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

    We have a students' council which helps in the organization of many in-school events.

    Parents organize activities such as the Spring Fair, Variety Show, Sock Hops and Pizza Days for the children.

    Other Information

    School hours: Because of the nature of the programs at Hillcrest Academy the school day begins at 9 h 12 and finishes at 16 h 12, five days a week.

    Hillcrest Academy has a discipline policy called the Code de Vie, where children are taught to accept the responsibility of their actions.

    Hillcrest Academy has a mandatory uniform policy.