107 Delorimier
Joliette, QC
J6E 6E8
Phone : 450 755-1556
Fax : 450 755-3089

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Joliette High School

Zone Map Secondary 1-5

The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

Joliette High School acknowledges and embraces a public education system that fosters equal accessibility and equal opportunity for all children, that supports the optimum realisation of potential of all students as individuals and citizens, that provides for life-long learning and growth, and that ensures a safe educational environment which respects diversity and human dignity.

General Information

Joliette High School is a small rural school of 265 students and is unique in several ways.

Its uniqueness stems partly from the fact that it is the only English language high school in the sprawling geographic area known as Lanaudière. It services students as far away as Entrelacs in the northwest, and St-Gabriel and St-Charles de Mandeville in the northeast, Berthier in the east, St-Lin in the west and St-Sulpice in the south. The school's location in Joliette is an ideal one because it is centrally situated in the Lanaudière region.

The flavour of the school remains bilingual because of the high proportion of francophone students. This uniqueness allows our students to become fluently bilingual, as testified by the continually high achievements in end of year examinations in French.

Parent Participation

We have an active Governing Board that meets six times a year and supports our students' achievements in every aspect. Parents are very supportive of the energy, care and concern the teachers demonstrate toward their students.


Joliette High School offers all courses required to enter any Cegep programs in either English or French. No student is limited in their English language CEGEP program because of a lack of course offering. In addition, several students each year apply to attend the French language CEGEP in Joliette. In addition to the regular path of education, Joliette high school has a very strong work oriented path that students may choose when they are 15 years old. Students who are choosing this option are well structured during the year and, upon successful completion of the program, can choose to continue their education at the adult center or enter the work force.

Joliette High School has excellent Physical Education facilities as well as a well-equipped Science lab. The library, with its diversified inventory, is able to meet the students' literary, language and research needs. Students have access to laptop computers, I -pads and chrome books. This assures that our students are never limited in their access to information, information that is desperately needed if we are to prepare our youth for the twenty-first century.

An extremely high percentage of the students graduate from JHS after successful completion of Secondary V. Joliette students continue to perform well within the board on end of year examinations. The high success rates are in large part due to the commitment of the dedicated and energetic teachers and to the individual attention they accord the students.

Events and Activities

The heart of the school is the Student Council - a vibrant, and workable organization that co-ordinates all the activities for the students, including fund raising which finances the majority of those student-centered activities. The Student Council also takes on a major responsibility in keeping up school spirit and student morale by encouraging the student body to get involved in school life.

Other great activities are offered all though out the year to our student population. With the peer advisor program, the sports activities, the lunch time activities and the special event, students can easily pick an activity that fits their need and interest.