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Laval, QC
H7V 1W9
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Laval Liberty High School

Philosophy / Mission

Laval Liberty High School serves a diverse community of learners and recognizes that students have the right to learn and socialize in a supportive, safe and healthy environment. We are committed to a sense of community that is respectful of all members of our school. As such, Laval Liberty High School is dedicated to creating and maintaining a learning environment of the highest quality. We promote a learning environment that is characterized by mutual respect for self and others, consideration and freedom from any form of disruptive behaviour. Our educators influence student behavior in a firm, respectful and judicious manner.

General Information

Laval Liberty High School was created in July 2005. Western Laval High School moved into its present location in 1998 and was separated into Laval Junior High School and Laval Liberty High School in 2005. Laval Junior High School has approximately 550 students in Secondary I and II and Laval Liberty High School has approximately 500 students in Secondary III, IV and V. Although the two schools share some of the building facilities they have separate administrations, staff, starting times and lunch hours. We take pride in the multi-ethnic composition of our student population and staff. The school has a long history of harmonious cooperation between its students of various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. LLHS strives for academic achievement at all levels and aims to provide for the individual needs of all of its learners. As such we have a variety of programs that cater to the specific needs and abilities of a wide range of students.


Regular Academic Program

Laval Liberty High School offers several programs. The majority of students choose the regular Quebec Education Program. At our school this program includes English, French, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Physical Education, History and Citizenship, Geography, Moral Education, Art, and Music. Enriched course in Mathematics, French and English are available to students who meet the prerequisites.

Sports Concentration Program

This program provides students with an opportunity to complete the regular academic program requirements within a shorter time allocation. Students can then benefit from more time during the regular school day to develop their skills in a specific sport and develop their overall athletic ability. The school offers three main sports for its students: football hockey and soccer. Other sports are also encouraged. Students are required to achieve a minimum academic standard to enter and continue in the program.

Arts Concentration Program

Laval Liberty High School offers an Arts Concentration Program. This program is similar to the Sports Concentration program. The students benefit from more time during the regular school day to develop their skills in the fine and creative arts and have an opportunity to learn and showcase their abilities in music, art, dance and theatre. Students are required to achieve a minimum academic standard to enter and remain in the program.

Enriched French

The Enriched French program is offered to students who, by virtue of their educational background, are capable and motivated to complete a significant portion of their program in the French Language including advanced French Second Language, History and Citizenship Education and Ethics & Religious Cultures.

Enriched English

Enriched English students read more demanding literature. These students are expected to write more and engage in innovative projects beyond the regular program. Students must be recommended by their previous English teacher to register for this class.

Music and Fine & Creative Arts and other Options

Music and Fine & Creative Arts is offered to students in Secondary III, IV and V as an elective. Students can also choose from a variety of different options in computers, sciences, social studies and physical education.

Cooperative Education (Work Oriented) and Special Needs

This program is designed to provide students who require particular attention with special services in order to fully develop their ability. It is available to students with multiple handicaps and with learning or adjustment difficulties.


Guidance Counsellor, Social Worker, School Nurse, Educational Psychologist, Educational Technicians, Student Supervisor, Library Services, Resource Room and individual remediation (by teachers).

Facilities: Cafeteria, library, computer labs, 2 full-size gymnasia, labs for all of the science courses, music room, practice rooms for musicians, auditorium, weight room, art room, student lounge, a fitness room, an outdoor hockey rink and a large playing field.

Events and Activities

Laval Liberty High School has Competitive sports teams ( football, hockey, soccer, etc.), intramural sports, concerts, variety shows, play productions, yearbook committee, student council, multicultural club and activities, volunteering, holiday basket food drive and community breakfast, dances, theme days, games rooms, Science Fair, Robotics Team, Web site development, gamer club, literary journal, field trips (local & abroad), Governing Board Parent Participation Organization.