501 Northcote
Rosemère, QC
J7A 1Y1
Phone : 450 621-6111
Fax : 450 621-6044

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McCaig Elementary School

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The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

McCaig Elementary School is committed to promoting the personal, social, and academic development of each child's potential.

Our mission is achieved by involving parents, teachers and other members of the school community in a spirit of enthusiasm, fostering respect and trust, keeping academic standards at the forefront, encouraging acceptance of cultural diversity, accepting individual learning styles, promoting extra curricular activities, stimulating students to explore, experiment and progress, and providing a supportive and accepting environment.

General Information

McCaig Elementary School provides a general education for 550 students from Kindergarten to Cycle Three. McCaig has been a vital part of Rosemère and surrounding communities for generations. The present building was built in 1956 and now serves the following communities: Rosemère, Lorraine, Terrebonne, Bois-des-Filion, the southern part of Blainville, and the eastern sector of Ste-Thérèse.

Parent Participation

The school has many levels of parent involvement:

  • The Governing Board meets monthly.
  • The highly active School Committee (Parents Participation Organization) with a membership of approximately 25 parents meets monthly.

Volunteers provide support to teachers and students including field trips, in-class support, and school-wide events.


McCaig Elementary School offers a strong English academic program in accordance with the Quebec Education Program. All students succeed in an integrated class setting. Thirty per cent of the curriculum is taught in French: French Language of Instruction, Social Studies and Art. The Interactions program supports the competencies of the Mathematics curriculum. In addition, Music is an enriching component of each child's education. In Cycle Three, students are engaged in scientific inquiry through the Integrated Science curriculum. The student's program of study is rounded off with an extensive Physical Education program.


Day care services are offered each day from 7 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.

The school has a voluminous library of over 30 000 books.

As technology is a vital component of today's educational process, students have access to on-line research through the use of classroom computers and a fully equipped computer lab, all of which are wired to the Internet through fiber-optic cabling.

Events and Activities

The School calendar is filled with events and activities. Annually, a Terry Fox run is held in September, major musical concerts are preformed in December, a musical is produced each spring and Heritage Day is celebrated in February.

Special programs include the 6 & 1 Partners program, the Grade 1 and Grade 2 Spring Camp and the K-2 Dance Festival.

The school is noted for its junior and senior choir.

Other Information

Examples of student work, pictures, staff E-mail addresses, the School Success Pan and other information, may be found at Web site: