647, rue Du Village
Morin-Heights, QC
J0R 1H0
Phone : 450 226-2017
Fax : 450 226-2018

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Morin Heights Elementary School

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Philosophy / Mission


Morin Heights Elementary School is focused on creating an environment that both respects the requirements of the current educational curriculum and keeps pace with students' evolving needs. Daily life at MHES reflects a strong sense of community. Newcomers quickly feel at home with us thanks to a dedicated and enthusiastic staff, respect for individual and cultural differences, and active parental participation both inside and outside the classroom. Our bilingual, nurturing environment allows children and adults to thrive together as we pursue the school's mission and work to:

  • Foster mutual respect among students, teachers, administrators, parents, support staff and other members of our school community.
  • Offer a wide range of learning experiences that allow all children to discover, develop and express their unique talents in academics, arts and athletics.
  • Seek out opportunities for students of various ages and levels to work together cooperatively and learn from one another.
  • Encourage our school and extended community to actively respect and nurture the environment.
  • Provide experiences that enable all of us to develop effective life skills such as learning to assume responsiblity for our choices.

General Information

Morin Heights Elementary School is located in the Laurentians near the center of the Morin Heights village. Our school is encircled by wonderful, open green spaces equipped with excellent sports and playground facilities.

We offer a stimulating program to some 250 students from Kindergarten to Cycle Three.

Parent Participation

The school has a Parent Participation Organization, with parental representation from each class. Friends of Morin Heights is the fundraising foundation for the school and our Governing Board meets regularly.


At MHES we offer:

  • A bilingual Kingergarten program
  • A bilingual Cycle One program
  • One hour daily of French Second Language instruction as well as Enriched French in some of the Fine Arts for Cycles Two and Three
  • Excellent library facilities and Home Reading program to enhance literacy
  • A stimulating Mathematics program emphasizing manipulatives and problem solving techniques
  • An innovative Integrated Science program for Cycle Three
  • A dynamic Physical and Health Education program, 120 minutes per week for all cycles
  • Hands-on computer training in a fully equipped Internet-connected lab, in addition to Internet-connected computers in the classroom
  • A proactive Special Needs philosophy advocating full inclusion in the school community
  • An exciting Fine Arts program
  • A comprehensive Winter Activity Program focusing on learning new outdoor sports skills


MHES offers school-based day care services, a new renovated library, a well equipped gymnasium, Internet access, and the services of a social worker, psychologist and a nurse.

Events and activities

  • Fun and educational field trips including all-day and overnight outings
  • Coeducational intramural noon-hour sports for 10 to 12 year olds
  • A successful Interscholastic Sports program
  • A proactive Student Council
  • A strong sense of school community fostered through Family Grouping activities and a Big Brother/Sister program
  • Book fairs held twice a year
  • Annual Terry Fox Run
  • 6 weeks Winter Activity program