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Laval, QC
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Mother Teresa Junior High School

Philosophy / Mission

Meeting functional curriculum needs in a junior high school requires team effort , creativity and flexibility. At Mother Teresa Junior High School , we desire that our middle school design fosters the unique educational and social needs of all adolescents through:

  • an academically strong and enriched curriculum;
  • diverse, focused exploratory programs;
  • a program in which the related arts, computer, music and sports provide adequate opportunity for students involvement;
  • a strong support system provided by teachers is strongly encouraged as an essential component of students welfare and an intentional collaborative effort.

These four elements are consistent with a junior high school model that emphasizes meeting individual student needs. We believe further, that this design offers many opportunities for integration of values through strategies that are essential in being creative and dynamic members of society.

General Information

Mother Teresa Junior High School caters to the young adolescent leaving elementary school. While it is true that Mother Teresa Junior High School has shared the facility with a senior high - Laurier Senior High School (LSHS), Mother Teresa is a separate entity. Mother Teresa Junior High School has transportation that is separate from LSHS. We also have a separate entry and departure time (we finish one period before the senior high). Mother Teresa has a separate lunch hour and our students must remain on site for the entire school day, including the lunch hour. We also have our own staff, from Principal and Vice-Principal, to teachers, professional and support staff. We share the cafeteria services, the auditorium, the gym facilities and the library but at different times. At Mother Teresa Junior High School we have the best of both worlds, a "small school" and a "large school" all in one.

Parent Participation

Parents are actively involved and participate in many activities. There is an active P.P.O. and Governing Board. Each group meets monthly for the planning of activities and organization of tasks.


Mother Teresa Junior High School offers a regular program of studies at the Secondary I and II levels including an excellent Music and Arts Program. There are also French Immersion and Enriched French programs and an enriched Maths and English program. In addition, Individual Paths for Learning (I.P.L.) classes are formed each year depending on the evaluation of incoming students. Presently there are 4 IPL classes, 3 temporary classes and one continuous class.


  • Regular Quebec Education Program
  • Enriched programs for English, French, Mathematics
  • Science & Social Sciences subjects
  • French Immersion program
  • Visual Art program
  • I.P.L. class - Temporary and Continuous
  • Music program with multimedia lab


Services at Mother Teresa Junior High School are:

  • Regular and enriched classes
  • French immersion
  • I.P.L. class - Temporary and Continuous
  • Full library service
  • Computer, music and art labs
  • 2 full basketball courts
  • Full-time student technician
  • Full-time Guidance Counsellor / Psychologist
  • Social Worker

Events and Activities

Mother Teresa Junior High School offers a wide variety of activities - socio-cultural as well as sports activities. Our athletics program includes lunchtime intramural sports such as indoor soccer, basketball, badminton for both boys and girls and interscholastic sports such as basketball and soccer.

Our school play is the pride of Mother Teresa Junior High School, not to mention field trips and our Honor Roll field trip to Washington, Toronto, Boston and Port-au-Saumon. We have dances and clubs, we have a Math Club, Chess Club and a Games Club; these are all a part of our everyday life.