3900 Nicole
Fabreville, QC
H7P 1L5
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Our Lady of Peace Elementary School

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Philosophy / Mission

    To support our Success Plan:

  • Our Lady of Peace will provide a positive learning environment where students' individual needs are addressed in meaningful context with a focus on special need students in both languages.
  • Our Lady of Peace will provide a cooperative, dynamic environment that promotes and encourages respect and commitment to the school community as place of learning and personal growth.

General Information

Our Lady of Peace School was founded in 1968. At that time, it was an open area school. For a few years, the school went from Kindergarten to Secondary 2. Our small school community is located in the Fabreville area, North West of Laval, between autoroute 15 and 13. Our school population is presently 180 students. Traditionally, our students continue to be successful after graduating from elementary school.

Parent Participation

Our Lady Of Peace Governing Board meets 6-7 times a year, members are parents, teachers, support personnel and if available, a non-teaching professional representative. The "Parents for Children" group is a very active group of volunteer parents in our school community planning and organizing fundraisers, walk-a-thons, book fairs and a variety of activities for children at Halloween, Christmas and in June. This year, parents organized a very successful "Literacy" program where volunteers came to the school to read with children both in English and French.


Our school offers the student a variety of programs. All subjects are enhanced with the computer expertise of our teachers. We are very proud of our award-winning Web site. Our Lady of Peace School is an innovator in information technology. Other interesting programs are Soundprints for Cycle One students as well as intensive Soundprints program for special need students in all three cycles, a twelve-week music program from Kindergarten to Cycle Three and not to forget our French program that incorporates the Art Dramatique component as well as a 90-minute Éducation physique/volet Santé program, 120 minutes for Cycle Three students.


We offer a MEES funded daycare with a homework support program from 7:00 am. to 6:15 pm. five days a week including pedagogical days.

Our facilities include a gymnasium, a computer lab as well as a computer in every classroom, a library and an art room. Children benefit from the availability of a Hot Meals lunch program five days a week.

Our Lady of Peace staff includes a library technician, a school psychologist, a speech-language pathologist, a visiting CLSC school nurse, a visiting social worker, a part-time behavioural attendant, five lunch hour supervisors and an artist who produces and directs our annual concert as part of our music program.

Events and activities

Many activities are integrated during the school day and at lunch hour. These activities are sporting events, celebrations, drama, fundraisers, yearbook and graduation planning for Kindergarten and Cycle 3 year 2 students closing ceremonies, to name a few. Regular assemblies are planned on a partnership system (two classes teamed together). Presentations are based on a theme or value and certificates are awarded to students. This partnership program is very successful to promote caring and sharing with each other.

Each cycle plans and organizes curriculum related outings and activities throughout the school year such as apple picking, visits to museums, Olympic Stadium Sports day, Biodôme, Biosphere, Bell Atrium, Terry Fox Run, "Dans la rue" collection of food for the homeless, Christmas Baskets, Literary Journal both in French and English, etc. Experts and artists are often invited to enhance our regular programs.

Other Information

Please visit our Web site at to see our teacher created programs and our student-created projects. A wealth of interesting activities and resources!