530 Northcote
Rosemère, QC
J7A 1Y2
Phone : 450 621-5900
Fax : 450 621-8043

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Rosemere High School

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The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

Rosemere High School offers a nurturing and safe environment for students to achieve an excellent education, which prepares them for CEGEP/university as well as for life skills in any vocation. Their learning should encompass both academic and personal growth.

A diversified curriculum forms the basis for a holistic and individualized education whether in enriched, regular or alternative needs streams. Scholarship, leadership and communication skills are integrated in every course and activity.

Values education accross the curriculum underpins the school's fundamental orientation. The student, free from physical or verbal harassment, can develop a personal attitude of respect wherein he/she strives for excellence. Hard work and acceptance of responsibility and accountability for learning and behaviour, both social and personal, will evoke within the student a sense of pride in himself /herself and others, as well as respect for self, for peers, for adults, and, most importantly, the diversity in our society.

General Information

Committed to providing positive learning opportunities in an atmosphere that fosters respect for self and others, the school is located in Rosemère, just north of Laval, and first opened in 1964. Over 90% of the graduates continue their education at CEGEP and university.

Parent Participation

The Governing Board, which includes 8 parents and community representatives, all of whom are elected, meets approximately once a month. Our Parent Participation Organization is very active in fund-raising activities. Parent Volunteers are always encouraged and welcomed in the school.


  • Enriched programs are offered in English, French and Mathematics at each grade level.
  • Work-Oriented Training and Semi-Skilled Training Paths.
  • Individualized Paths for Learning Cooperative programs for special needs students.
  • Instrumental music, comprehensive art programs, programs for foreign exchange students.
  • Concentration courses in Soccer, Drama and Visual Arts.
  • Variety of optional subjects available.


Library (over 25,000 books), 3 computer labs, science labs, large double gym with weight room, specialized Art, Music and dance rooms, spacious cafeteria, 500 seat auditorium & stage.

The Student Services Department consists of 2 counsellors, psychologist, nurse, and special education technicians. The department maintains one of Quebec's largest school collection of career educational resources. Many brochures are made available to help students be successful (eg.: How to Get Good Grades in Ten Easy Steps). Senior students are offered individual counselling regarding careers and post-secondary educational options. Each graduating student gets his own "Grad Bag". We are also proud to report the successes of our current and former students on our website and on our "RHS Students Come First" Wall of Fame.

Events and Activities

This is a small sample of some events and activities taking place in our school. For a more complete list, please visit our Web site.

  • Soccer, volleyball, basketball, football and dance
  • Large variety of after school activities
  • 2.5 & 5 K runs
  • Fitness/Leadership bicycle trip
  • Several major field trips
  • Science fair
  • A major drama production each year
  • Public speaking contest
  • Career fair
  • Community Breakfast
  • Speakers program
  • Jam session, Christmas concert featuring outstanding student talent
  • International Day for Eliminating Racial Discrimination

Other Information

"The support of so many committed teachers helped me, as a teenager, develop an interest in the world around me and become active in finding ways I could work to be part of it and improve it. The classes at RHS left me feeling that I was not only a member of a community but that it would support me on my path and help me reach my goals. Thank you!"
Elizabeth Hunt-RHS grad. UNICEF Youth Ambassador