Information Technology

The mandate of the Information Technology Department is to give support in all activities of the School Board when technology is involved. These responsibilities are broken down into three (3) main domains:

  • Network & Telecommunications
  • Pegogical & Administrative Systems
  • Support & Computing Equipment Management


Robin Bennett

Office Agent, Principal Class
Vanessa Jones

Analyst, Pedagogical Systems
Sylvie Legault

Technician, Support
Stephane Bissonnette

Principal Class Technician
Guillaume Desrochers

Analyst, Administrative Systems
Isabel Lachance

Superintendent, Information Technology
Régis Lajoie

Principal Class Technician, Network & Telecommunications
Allan Van Gennep

Principal Class Technician, Support
Kosta Destounis

Technician, Support to Schools
Keith Bush

Technician, Support to Schools
Ionel Ciobotaru

Technician, Support to Schools
Pascal Quenneville

Technician, Support to Schools
Michel Houle

Technician, Support to Schools
Matthew Curiale

Technician, Support to Schools
Nicolas Singcaster

Contact Us

Information Technology Department
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
235, montée Lesage
Rosemère, QC
J7A 4Y6
Phone : 450 621-5600
Fax : 450 621-7993