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1.    Taken from our e-mail response to teacher inquiries, these instructions pre-suppose the use of WS-FTP LE as the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software of choice. Note that this response also pre-supposes that you have a valid User ID and password and that you are attempting to upload to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board server. If you teach for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, please consult your Computer Resource Teacher or contact the SWLSB webmaster with your request. Please substitute your school's name wherever that of Terry Fox's appears.

2.    Initial the program after loading. The first screen that pops up is the Sessions Properties panel, as seen below
3.    Click the New button and type in Terry Fox in the Profile Name box. Follow this by entering www.swlauriersb.qc.ca in the Host Name/Address area. Leave the Host Type as Automatic Detect. Type terryfox in as the User ID and your password below it. At home it would advised to click the Save Pwd radio button on while at school, it would be ill-advised. Finish with this panel by clicking the Apply button at the bottom which will be active.

4.    After you click Apply, the screen at the rear, WS_FTP95 LE, appears and the program connects with the SWLSB server.  Note that FTP load slower than their http counterparts. Be patient.


5.    Note that the panel on the left of the screen always gives you the current or local  directory of your hard drive while the one on the right displays the remote directory, i.e., the SWLSB server, in this case. The first thing to do is to change your local directory. Click the ChgDir button on the left.  A context panel will pop up. Type the path where you web pages can be found on your hard drive, e.g., c:\SWLweb\fnews. Click OK. You'll notice that the panel on the left now displays the contents of the path you typed into the Input panel.


6. Turning our attention to the panel on the right now, you'll notice the a folder labeled www. Double click this folder, the contents of the Terry Fox site will be displayed completely.


7. To transfer files from your computer to SWLSB's. Simply click on a file in your computer's directory, followed by the right-pointing arrow in the middle. If you want to move all the files in your directory, click and hold your left mouse button while you push downwards. If you want to move more than one file, click on the first file. For all other files, hold down the Ctrl button on the keyboard while you click on each file.
Further questions may be addressed to the Laurentian CEMIS

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