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A person who wishes to run for election must be authorized to solicit contributions, incur expenses or contract loans.

Any person who wishes to run for election and solicit or collect contributions, incur expenses or contract loans must request authorization from the returning officer of his school board. This request must be supported by the signatures of at least ten electors registered in the school board electoral list.

Only electors may contribute to the financing of an authorized candidate

A contribution is a donation in money, a service rendered or a good furnished free of charge by an elector for election purposes. Only an elector of a school board may make a contribution to one or more candidates of the same school board. Contributions by legal persons such as companies or trade unions are prohibited by law.

Total contributions from the same elector cannot exceed $1,000 for each of the candidates. However, an elector may make contributions to more than one candidate as long as the total contributions do not exceed $3,000 per calendar year.

Any monetary contribution of over $100 must be made by cheque or any other order of payment made payable to the order of the candidate. A receipt must also be issued to the donor.

Candidates' expenses are limited

An election expense is the cost of any goods or services used during the election period to, among other things, oppose or promote the ideas or actions of a candidate.

The law imposes a limit on the amounts that the candidate may devote to his election campaign. The maximum amount is established in accordance with the numbers of electors entered on the list of electors of his electoral division.

If a candidate is elected or obtains 15% or more of the votes, part of his election expenses may be reimbursed on certain conditions.

The public must be informed of the financing of candidates

Authorized candidates must file a statement of election expenses and a financial report, regardless of whether they have collected contributions, incurred expenses or contrated loans.

The statement and the report, as well as the vouchers, must be filed at the same time and delivered to the general directorate of the school board within 90 days after the election. The statement and the report then become accessible to the public.

The Chief Electoral Officer's Power to Make Inquiries

If you are in doubt as to the legality of a contribution or an election expense of a candidate, you may ask the Chief Electoral Officer to make an inquiry. Penalties are set out in the Act respecting school elections for candidates who infringe that statute. You may contact the Chief Electoral Officer at 1 888 353-2846.