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A project from the qesn.connection pilot year 1998-1999
by Janet Juarez and Lorraine White from
Our Lady of Peace School
Sir-Wilifrid-Laurier School Board.


Field(s) of Study

Cross-curricular Competencies

Cross-curricular Theme

K & C2/3




Project Description:

Two classes, Kindergarten and a grade 4/5 class, meet regularly to share reading and language experiences using storybooks. The teaching strategy was modified by replacing the stories with a well known children's song, "Down By The Bay" and creating a website and rhyming game to support the process.
The two teachers from OPL put into place a mentoring system whereby the grade 4/5 students helped their Kindergarten partners acquire computer vocabulary and basic computing skills such as mousing, opening and closing programs and saving, all while honing valuable mentoring skills and developing empathy themselves.

  Teacher Process - Student Showcase


three girls
Visit the
Down by the Bay website and play the rhyming game, created through and for this project by Janet Juarez, Lorraine White and their students of Our Lady of Peace School in Laval.

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