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Student Showcase

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Down by the Bay website and play the rhyming game, created through and for this project by Janet Juarez, Lorraine White and their students of Our Lady of Peace School in Laval.

Although the Down by the Bay website is a spectacular showcase, most of the student learning took place in the interactions between kindergarten students and their grade 4/5 mentors as they explored reading and computer skills as well as developed rich and important relationships with each other.
Below, you will find reflections written by two students from grade 4/5. The first reflection was written after a server crash aborted a first attempt to visit the Down by the Bay site with the kindergarten students, and the second was written after a successful visit to the site.

by Brian

Yesterday I was very frustrated because the computer froze. I just felt like nuking the computer. My partner was very disappointed and I fond that it was really not fair. The class, Miss Janet and Miss Lorraine put a lot of effort into it. I had to re-do my picture about a million times! Now we come to play with the Kindergarten kids and the computer froze. Sheese!


by Francis

Today I was so happy!!! I felt like a God. Finally I saw all those happy faces just like when we were in Kindergarten. My partner, Alex, had 19 on 19. My, my he's very good. He was very happy but even happier when we played Kid Pix. So the computers heard my other speech then felt sorry for us. So the computers are now working (except for the Internet).