Hi, our group has been studying what acid rain is and its effects on nature, on human made materials, and the health of people. In these next paragraphs, we will be telling you how acid rain affects different things. 

Acid rain is rain more acidic then normal. This problem is very complicated. The reason for acid rain is very simple, but it is really hard to solve it completely. The huge reason is because of sulfur dioxide that rises into the atmosphere and creates acidic rain. 

PH of normal rain is around 5.6, 5.7. If you' re wondering what PH is, it is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. If a substance is 7, it is neutral; nether acidic or base, or alkaline. 

The smoke fumes from burning fossil fuels rise up into the atmosphere and mix with the moisture and weather systems. The main chemicals for acid rain are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. 

At a Ph6- crustaceans, insects and some plankton species begin to disappear. 

At a Ph5- destroys the fish population. Below 5 the water can be very dangerous. Ph- 5 is more dangerous than Ph-6 because it is more acidic. 

Acid rain is very bad because it kills and destroys things like ( building, plants, animals, insects, statues, paint of cars, and it can also make humans very sick). 

Now that we have finish talking about what acid rain is, we will talk to you about what acid rain does to humans. 

This type of particle is more dangerous to older people and to people who have heart problems or heart disease or problems with the respiratory system. It is dangerous for people who have problems with their respiratory system because sulfur goes in the acid rain and then it goes in you which then damages your cells and than damages your respiratory system. 

In addition, it can also affect humans because the acid goes into fruits, vegetables and animals. In another words, if acid rain doesn't stop and we eat these things we can get very sick. 

Generally, people are harmed by acid rain but not directly. In the Western United States, there is more sulfur dioxide put in the air which is why the visibility is lower than in the East.

If the SO2 ( Sulfurr Oxygen Dioxide) could be lowered by 50%, there would be:

- 550 deaths avoided per year- 1,520 unnecessary emergency room per year -210,070 asthma symptoms avoided per year

Pink: SO2- Industry
Aqua: SO2-Other
Blue: NOX-Road transport
Violet: NOX-Power Stations
Yellow: NOX-Industry
Turquoise: NOX-Other
Purple: SO2 Power Stations

Dentists have never studied the affect of acid rain on teeth but they 'say' that it does not destroy much.

In Sweden, there are over 10,000 lakes that have high mercury levels which is why they are advised not to eat the fish that comes from there. There is also enough copper in the water that it can turn your hair green. Copper has been proven to damage your liver and your kidneys.





In other words, if we don't stop sending pollution into the air, we will have a lot of problems because people are going to get more and more sick, maybe even die.  Instead of using our cars a lot to go to somewhere not far, we should maybe walk or use our bikes. We should maybe build a little less factories or bring factories together, so it would make less pollution.

Now that we have talked to you about what acid rain is and the effects of acid rain on humans, we will talk to you about the effect on nature.

I have found out that acid rain affects water which can also affect humans when we drink it. I also found that acid rain affects lakes and aquatic ecosystems. The sudden PH change is dangerous for the fish that live there because the acids can cause serious deformities in their young or even in the whole species since the young of many species spend a lot of their life cycle in the water.

Acid rain affects tree and acid vapor damages the surface of leaves and needles which reduces a tree's ability to withstand cold and inhibits plant germination and reproduction which can kill that tree. Acid Rain also affects trees and soil. The acid rain washes away the nutrients in the soil which the trees need.

We have talked about what acid rain is and the effects on humans and  nature. Now, we will talk about the effects on human made materials. 

Acid particles are also deposited onto buildings and statues causing corrosion. As an illustration, in 1967 the bridge over the Ohio river collapsed killing 46 people- the reason? Corrosion due to acid rain.

Books and art, centuries old are also being affected; the ventilation systems of the libraries and museum that hold them do not prevent the acidic particles from entering the buildings and so they get in and circulate within the buildings, affecting and deteriorating the materials.

The money problem is very serious. It costs us millions of dollars every month or so. Just for roads and bridges it costs 10 million dollars to repair them, and if they don't repair a bridge it can fall and kill lots of people.

Acid rain does lots of damage on our roads and our bridges. Acid rain makes cracks in the roads and bridges. The government has to pay millions of dollars to repair them. 

Now that you know the problems of acid rain, here are some recommendations. First of all, we should all stop polluting and we should stop using cars so much and start car pooling. We could recycle more than we do so we have less garbage to burn.

Thank you for reading our web site about Acid Rain and please stop polluting and creating Acid Rain. 

By: Kelly, Chris, Laura, Jeannie, Michael