Do you know what is breaking the bricks on the side of your house or making the paint on your car look really old when you just bought it last year? You are tired of spending so much money on car wax, what is the problem? Acid Rain!!

Acid rain is a very big problem in our world today. Acid rain is made up of harmful chemicals like sulfur and nitrogen. Those chemicals come from the black smoke the factories let out of their large smoke stacks. Then the smoke gets mixed up in the water cycle and creates acid rain.

To see how acidic our rain, snow or even hail is, we use a ph scale. Ph is a measure that we use to determine how acidic a substance is. Did you know 70% of acid rain is sulfur dioxide?

In the following paragraph I will describe the normal and not normal ph ranges. A normal range is 7, for every one drop on the scale. The water becomes 10 times more acidic. But the higher the range is, the water is more alkaline. 


Health Scientist


These questions I will try to answer in this report.


Sulfur dioxide & nitrogen dioxide can cause problems such as asthma, dry coughs, headaches, eye, nose, and throat irritations. Acid rain can also damage or irritate our lungs. It can cause liver problems and can give you diarrhea. 

Sulfur dioxide can react with water vapor and some other chemicals in the air to form very fine particles of sulfate. These airborne particles form a key component of urban smog and are now recognized as a significant health hazard.

For example, if  fish die, and the fish that eats that fish, so on, and so then humans cant eat fish no more that's what's going to happen if the water is to acidic!!
In Sweden, the water contains enough copper that it can turn your hair green!!


Acid rain can damage lots of things like trees. Acid rain effects trees because they react with many nutrients this the trees need, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. This makes the trees starve, doing damage to the fruit that are growing. Acid rain, then, makes the trees much  weaker to other forms of damage, such as being blown down, or breaking under the weight of snow.
  It also affects soil. Soil is the basis of wealth upon which all land - based life depends.
Acid rain can damage the crops that grow in the soil. Farmers need a lot of soil because they plant crops. After growing, farmers ship them to stores like Markets.

    Acid rain affects lakes and rivers. All the fish in lakes and rivers will die. All the fish in 140 lakes in Minnesota have been severely affected because of the acidic water. To the extent that the aquatic animals die. Water polluted fish don't reproduce.



Acid Rain eats away at stone, metal, paint almost any material exposed to weather for a long period of time.

Acid Rain dissolves the lead and copper in drinking pipes. When this does happen it has affect on our drinking water.

Toxic metals such as mercury and calcium which have been leeched from the soil by acids can accumulate in lakes, streams and reservoirs that are used for human consumption.

Acid Rain has a big affect on a big industry in Canada; the maple trees. This costs money to repair, and if they don't want to repair them after a while because it cost too much money, then many people who work in this industry will lose there jobs.

Also Acid Rain has a great effect on buildings and bridges. If these things always get destroyed, the government will make taxes go higher to help pay for these damages.

Fishermen have a harder time catching fish because Acid Rain pollutes lakes and rivers and fish can't live in them anymore.


In conclusion we should stop polluting, for example riding your car just to go to your neighbors five houses away from yours, or factories should have filters so that less pollution goes in the sky. People should walk to places or ride a bike.

So Don't Pollute!!!