The outcomes of this project are many.  Foremost is that the students will have developed an appreciation for the fables of Aesop and more so, the morals they teach.  All of the tasks to be completed require the students to take part as a group, to share and to consider the input of all participants.  Cooperation and working together towards a common goal, although not the direct object of the project, certainly is a desired benefit of it.

Some of the preparation I did with my class prior to this assignment were lessons and practice sessions using the scanner.  We also did some practice sessions on Power Point using prepared text and images from Clip Art.  One of the more interesting outcomes is how each student becomes a resource for the others helping in all aspects of the project and in the sharing of their expertise in the use of scanners and Power Point.


Samples:  The Man and His Two Wives

              The Frog At The Rainbow's End