The Process

This assignment will be presented as a Power Point presentation.  Before actually using Power Point, you will have to gather information about Aesop's life and his works, then create your own fable and artwork.  You will be working within a group so cooperation will play a large part in the success of your project.

PART A:  Getting Organized

  1. To begin you will form a group of four or five students.
  2. Read some Aesop's Fables and select one that your group would like to adapt to contemporary times. You can use books in the class library, or the sites listed in the Resources sections to choose your fable.
  3. You will also do some research on Aesop's life using these books and sites.  You will be gathering information about Aesop's life so that you can write a brief biography. You should include information on where and when he lived, his family, education, profession and influences. 
  4. Once your group as chosen a fable decide who your characters will be.  They can be yourselves or people you know personally or about.  They can also be named as their function i.e.. Boss, nurse, etc.  You must also decide where your fable is to take place.  Remember, it must be a place you are familiar with.
  5. Now that setting and characters have been selected you will, each write your own adaptation of the fable.
  6. When your group next meets, you will share your fables with the rest of the group. Try to select one or a combination of some or all of your groups' work to come up with one fable.  Each member of the group must participate in all the aspects of this project which includes the research, writing, editing and revision.  At all times, make sure that your fable and its moral are clearly related.
  7. Once your group has agreed, write the fable.  Edit and revise it.
  8. With your fable completed, your group must decide how to divide it into the four or five slides you will be using in your Power Point presentation, so, you must decide which part of the fable (text) will occupy each slide.  
  9. Next, you have to decide on the drawings you want to use for each slide.  These drawings must reflect your fable, particularly the text on the slide this drawing will be part of.  Each group member will be responsible for one or two pictures.
  10. Scan all of your drawings saving them into a convenient folder.  Be sure to save them in a jpg format.
  11. In addition to your fable slides you must design a title slide which will include the project title, the name of your fable listed as an adaptation, then your names as the authors.

    Aesop's Fables '2001

    An adaptation of 



    Your Names

  12. One of your slides should be devoted to a brief biography of Aesop compiled from the information you gathered in step 3.
  13. Once you have completed steps 1 to 12 you are ready to begin Part B.

PART B:  Putting It All Together

You are now ready to begin putting all of your work together in a Power Point presentation.  Following is a an example of the order you will use for your slide show.

   Slide 1......... Title Page (see Part A. no. 11)   
   Slide 2......... Biography of Aesop's life
   Slide 3.........
   Slide 4......... Your Fable
   Slide 5..........
   Slide 6..........

Use the link in the Resources Section if you need help with Power Point.

Learning Advice

The way your group organizes itself will be an important aspect of your project.  You will have to agree on the fable you will adapt, then you must work cooperatively to complete the project successfully.  Once you have chosen your fable, it might be easier to adapt it if you work backwards from the moral.  That is, you should keep the moral as your focus as you write.  All members of your group must take an active part in the editing/revision stages of your work.  As a group agree unanimously on the final text.

Your artwork should be rich in color and simple in content.  Remember that the illustrations should complement the text, not the other way around.  So, try not to make your pictures too busy.  You  can also, compliment your artwork by importing images from clipart sources.