Activities created by teachers at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

  • Acid Rain WebQuest ~ Science Webquest on Acid Rain
    A local citizens' group has hired you, and a group of other researchers, to investigate acid rain.
  • Aesop's Fables '2001
    Your task is to learn about Aesop and to adapt his fables to contemporary times.
  • Be A Forest Animal Web-Site Detective
    Kindergarten students will pair up with their grade three reading buddies to investigate some of the animals from the fantastic book "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.
  • The Cave Hunt ~ Explore the Carlsbad Caverns
  • Canadian, eh? Learn a little about Canada
  • Dégustons la nutrition!
    Une quête quidée pour les élèves de deuxième cycle du primaire en français langue seconde.
  • Down By the Bay ~ A Rhyming Activity for Primary Students.
  • Eat Well ~ Feel Swell ~ Eating is one of life’s pleasures and necessities.
  • EcoQuest
    You and your partner are to create a set of animal trading cards (4) for the four biomes:Tropical Forest, St. Lawrence Marine and Polar World and Laurentian Forest.
  • Endangered Whales
  • Famous Canadians
    You are a reporter for the local newspaper, and your editor has assigned you to write a week long special on Great Canadians.
  • The Five Senses ~ A Science Treasure Hunt on the Five Senses.
  • Global Warming WebQuest
    You will be living in the year 2101 for two weeks. Your mission is to study the effects that global warming has had on the Earth and report your findings so we can "change the future".
  • The Hockey Quiz ~ A Scavenger Hunt on Canada's National Sport
  • The Hungry Caterpillar ~ Activities based on the story by Eric Carle
  • Investigating Plants ~ A WebHunt and Plant Activity Unit
  • Journeys ~ A WebQuest for Cycle 3 Social Studies
    Students assume the role of immigrants to Canada. They create a scrapbook of their new lives, recounting where they came from, their journey, the hardships encountered, the discoveries made along the way, and what everyday life is like in the new land.
  • The Life of a Butterfly ~A WebQuest for Cycle One (Grades 1/2)
    You are a butterfly catcher looking for lots of information on Butterflies.
  • Ma santé me tient à coeur
  • Mon sport favori ~ Une Quête guidée ~ FSL et Education Physique
    Vous êtes un journaliste qui doit faire la promotion d'un SPORT qui vous emballe dans les pages d'un journal connu.
  • My Favourite Author
    To satisfy his/her many readers, you design a web page which contains everything that anyone would ever want to know about the author and his/her works.
  • On the Viking Trail ~ A Scavenger Hunt on the Vikings
  • Ottawa Webquest
  • Peter Rabbit and The Tortoise and Hare ~ An Integrated Reading and Math Activity for Cycle One
  • Pioneer Days in Canada ~ A science experiment has gone very wrong. You have been transported back in time to the Canada of the early 1800's.
  • Poetry Scavenger Hunt ~ Treasure Hunt for Poetry Pirates
  • Preparing a Science Fair Project
    In this WebQuest, you will learn how to prepare and carry out a project that will be fun and interesting.
  • A Quest for Miss Moppet
    You are going to read the story "Miss Moppet" by Beatrix Potter. This is a story about a mouse and a kitten called Miss Moppet. The kitten is trying to catch the mouse. The mouse likes to make fun of Miss Moppet and escapes from her. What happens to them at the end? It is your quest to find out.
  • Save the Coral Reef
    The coral reef around Little Island is endangered. A hotel has been built on the island and tourists will soon be snorkling around the coral reef. As a scientist working for the World Wildlife Organization, you've been asked to go to Little Island to gather information because scientists are concerned that the tourists might do more damage to the coral reef. The hotel opens in four weeks and your display must be ready for the grand opening.
  • Spring Scavenger Hunt ~ St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day History
  • The True Story of.... ~ Integrating technology into L.A., Math, and Art.
    Students will be creating a slide show presentation of a popular children's storybook.
  • You Be The Travel Agent ~ a Social Studies Webquest on Canada
    The World Wide Web Travel Agency has asked you to create a "travel page" on a Canadian province
  • A Web Hunt ~ Finding information on the Internet
  • Whale Scavenger Hunt
  • Word Game

Other Webquest Collections

  • The WebQuest Page - Matrix of Examples
    Over 200 WebQuests listed by the creator of the WebQuest learning model Dr. Bernie Dodge. The webquests listed at this site are reviewed by Dr. Dodge and listed only if he feels that they deserve to be shared more widely? The list is broken down by grade level and the task type(s) of each are indicated.

  • WebQuest Directory
    A list of webquests and unit plans gathered by Peter Bilodeau, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Récit Resource Person.

  • Theme Web Quests For K - 2 from Ms. Leslie's Teacher Zone
    Leslie Sklavounos (Crestview Elementary) has put together some great links that Kindergarten and Cycle 1 teachers can use to integrate the use of the Information and Communication Technologies into the curriculum

  • Visit WebQuests in 21st Century Learning An excellent explanation of WebQuests and their relationship to the "new" Quebec Curriculum by Sabine Cossette, ICT Consultant, English Montreal School Board.

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