Year after year, the United Nations Human Development Report* ranks Canada as the best country in the world in which to live. Canada is such a desirable country in which to live because Canadians have made it that way. Not only have Canadians made our country great, but Canadians also play an important role on the world stage. Many world famous people just happen to be Canadian. Many great inventions which benefit the world were developed in Canada.

Did you know that it was a Canadian who developed the treatment for Diabetes? Did you know that a Canadian developed the first light bulb two years before Thomas Edison? Did you know that a Canadian invented the cartoon character of Superman? We all know that Ice Hockey was first played in Canada, but did you know that Basketball was also a Canadian sport?

And that is just the beginning! By the end of this webquest, you will have discovered many new things about Canada and the people that have made it such a great country.

*United Nations Human Development Report 2000