The Task

You are a reporter for the local newspaper, and your editor has assigned you to write a week long special on Great Canadians. She wants one biography each day, and you have three weeks to get them ready and handed in. She wants the biographies to be on different types of Canadians. You have the freedom to choose the five Canadians you wish to write about, but Friday's biography should be on a local personality. The title will be "John Doe, A Canadian Famous To Me".

In order to have your assignment finished on time, you will be working with a team of other writers. Each writer will work on a different biography telling the story of a famous Canadian. Each writer will chose a Canadian from different fields of endeavours so that your readers will get a broad picture of Canada and the people who have made it such a great country. In addition, your readers will learn about someone who you think is famous in their own way, and you feel deserves to be included on the list of famous Canadians; perhaps someone in your family.

Using word processors, your finished product will be a special Canadian newsletter highlighting the lives of famous Canadians. Use a html editor instead of a word processor, and you can create a special Internet report on famous Canadians.

Note to teachers:
You may want your students to individually research all 5 famous Canadians if time permits. There are various ways that you could make this a collaborative effort. The members of the writing groups could change so that each student in the class is a member of each group at different times. If this is the case, then a student could research a famous Canadian in different fields of endeavours for each of the groups that he is a member of.