Canadian, eh?
by E. Malick
Grade 6
John F. Kennedy


Instructions: Learn a little about Canada. Answer the following questions by viewing the appropriate Internet sites. Answer the questions on the sheet provided by the teacher..

  1. Provincial Flags of Canada
    What province or territory has a ship in its provincial flag?

  2. Nova Scotia - Coat of Arms
    What is the motto on the coat of arms of Nova Scotia?

  3. British Columbia Mountains
    What is the highest mountain in British Columbia?

  4. Mountains of Canada
    What is the highest mountain in Canada and where is it located?

  5. Transcontinental railway
    When was the transcontinental railway begun and finished?

  6. Transcontinental railway
    What two places does the railway connect?

  7. Great Lakes
    Which is the deepest of the Great Lakes?

  8. Great Lakes
    What two large Canadian cities are found on the shores of Lake Ontario?

  9. Nunavut
    What two animals are pictured on the Nunavut coat of arms?

  10. Nunavut
    When did Nunavut become a territory of Canada?