Unable to locate country of origin without assistance.
No map produced/or map lacked in detail.
Gave no reason for departure.

With some assistance able to locate country of origin.Did not provide a county or city of origin.
Produced a simple map.
Difficulty assessing why family departed.

Able to locate country of origin in an atlas. Produced a map detailing counties and cities.
Provided details regarding departure of home land.

Located country of origin in atlas.
Produced a complex map depicting surrounding areas.
Detailed socio / economic and political arrangement in homeland and related these issues to reasons for departure.




Unable to find information without assistance.
Could not find passenger list information.
Lacked details regarding journey. Details not relevant to project/topic.

Required guidance to find information.
Able to locate passenger list with help.
Able to produce some details of the voyage. Wrote about journey but lacked important details.

Independently found information. Researched name of ship and provided passenger list.
Provided a detailed account of journey from their homeland to the new land.
Researched information.
Name of ship and passenger list provided.
Explicit account of journey explaining societal/class arrangement on board ship and how this may have related to ill health/ diseases.
Indepth journey details provided recounting entire journey.




Unable to find arrival details without assistance.
Details about immigrants new life in Canada sketchy and unrelated.
Unable to identify differences in new land.
With assistance able to find basic arrival details.
Details provided some backgroundof an immigrants new life in Canada.
Difficulty explaining and making connections regarding new life adjustment.
Researched and identified arrival details.
Able to give sufficient details about an immigrants new life in Canada.
Explained changes and adjustments in new life.
Researched and produced arrival details.
Explained details and made comparisons from old life and an immigrants new life in Canada.
Explained and justified changes and adjustments in adapting to new life.


Research Methods


Difficulty collecting information relevant to project independently.
Required continuous assistance to locate and collect information from media. Information not relevant.

With help could research basic information.
Required guidance and direction to sources of media.
Included unrelated information.

Researched and collected information independantly.
Required little guidance and direction to sources of media.
Information was relevant.

Independently researched and collected a variety of relevant information form a variety of media sources. Interviewed people. Included personal artifcats/ documents to enhance project.



 Journal Entries


Journal entries off topic and/or not included chronologically.
Required information not adequately addressed.
Disconnected ideas resulting in a confusing picture of immigrant life in 1800's.
Journal entries provided facts though not all chronologically ordered.
Required information not always apparent.
Ideas were sketchy resulting in an inconsistent description of an immigrant's life in 1800's.
Journal entries were detailed and chronologically ordered.
Entries were written for all required information.
Ideas presented a clear picture of the life of an immigrant in 1800's.
Journal entries were well detailed and chronologically ordered.
All required information including extra descriptions about surroundings or feelings.
Ideas presented a vivid picture of the trials and tribulations of an immigrant in 1800's.



and Maps


Includes a few pictures, drawings, and or maps which are confusing in relation to an immigrant's life in 1800's. Includes pictures, drawings, and/or maps which may or may not illustrate an immigrant's life in 1800's. Included relevant pictures, drawings, and/or maps which illustrate an immigrants life in 1800's. Includes relevant pictures, drawings, and/ or maps which illustrate in great detail all aspects of an immigrant's life in 1800's.



Of Print


Grammar and spelling errors are too numerous and interfere with the overall message making text difficult to read.
No sentence or paragraph skills.
Grammar and spelling errors are frequent and occasionally interfer and/or detract from the message. occasional use of sentence and paragraph skills. Grammar and spelling errors do not detract from the message.
Appropriate use of sentences and pragraph skills demonstrated.
Grammar and spelling errors are infrequent and do not interfer with message.
Excellent use of sentences and paragraphs.





Unclear statements. Low voice projection.
Difficulty maintaining eye contact.
Did not explain ideas.
Confusing thoughts at times.
Varying voice projection.
Some eye contact.
Ideas occasionally explained.
Clear statements and ideas.
Good voice projection and deliver.
Occasional audience interaction.
Clear and concisewell organized ideas.
Animated voice and projection.
Audience interaction.