You will be assigned a country from which you will then immigrate to Canada during the 1800's. You will research your roots, your people, their culture, and their everyday life. Then you will trace their journey to the New Land and tell of the voyage. Upon your arrival you will describe your new life.

You will be assigned to teams of four or five. Within each team you will you decide on the age and role of your character. Give your character a name and occupation. You will divide up the work according to your role.

Then begin your research using the Resource section, find information, maps, and appropriate pictures from the web to paste into your scrapbook. Each team member must particpate in researching for your scrapbook.

  • Learn about your country of origin. Find your country on a world map, describe it's location and produce a map
  • Research a ship which departed from your country and tell its name and include a passenger list. Describe your journey, how long was it, and how far did you travel?. On board the ship where were you permitted to travel? What were the accommodations like? Were there any difficulties or diseases? Draw a detailed picture of the ship.

  • Tell where you landed, what part of Canada? Upon arrival, describe the immigration process. Where there any quarantine requirements? Were you required to keep your name? Create a sketch or find an illustration of the New Land.
  • From your port of entry, where was your final destination? How far was it and how long did it take? How did you travel to your new homestead? Were you able to bring everything with you? Desribe and illustrate your new home.

  • Your new way of life has brought many changes and adjustments: environment, climate, resources, workload, jobs available, wages, and availability of supplies. Explain this new way of life using clippings from the internet.
  • What other cultures did you interact with? What people already lived here?
  • How was the country run? Who was the leader? Were there any conflicts?
  • What customs and traditions did you bring to your new country?

Once your group has gathered all the information and completed your journal entries, you will assemble the scrapbook and present your experiences to the class.