Did not list the Four(4) food groups

Some of the four(4)Food groups listed.


Adequate informaation given so that the reader is aware of the four(4) food groups.

Very good knowledge of the four(4) food groups.

Research and Gather information

Does not have ten different foods for each group.

Information lacks variety on each food group.

Collects some basic information.

Very good menu and excellent presentation.

Fulfill Team
Role's Duties.

Does not perform duties of assigned team.

Perform very little duties.

Performs nearly all the duties.

Performs all duties of assigned team role.


Conventions of Print.

Very frequent grammar and spelling errors which makes the writing impossible to read.

Very poor presentation and organization which makes the writing difficult to understand.

Fairly good presentation and spelling.

Excellent pressentation, grammar and spelling is very clear.


PMI Student Assessment Sheet

(Plus, Minus, Improvement)

How well did you work together with your group? P M




Which part of the nutrition unit interested you the most? P M




Which part of the nutrition unit interested you the least? P M




Do you think it was important to learn about nutrition at school? P M




Will this unit on nutrition change your eating habits? P M





Will you inform your friends about good nutrition? P M




Improvements for next time P M