Webquest Created by Grace Courey and Bernice Saunders
Morin Heights Elementary School


The coral reef around Little Island is endangered. A hotel has been built on the island and tourists will soon be snorkling around the coral reef. As a scientist working for the World Wildlife Organization, you've been asked to go to Little Island to gather information because scientists are concerned that the tourists might do more damage to the coral reef. The hotel opens in four weeks and your display must be ready for the grand opening.

Little Island

The Task

Think and Wonder: Discuss with other scientists (classmates) why you think people might damage the coral reef. List your ideas about the coral reef and questions that you may want to answer as you do your research.

Research: As scientists you will need to learn about the sea creatures that live in the coral reef. Your job is to learn about the nature of the coral reef and find out about each creature that lives there.

Create: You are to make a display for the hotel lobby which will inform the tourists about life in the coral reef. You want them to know the necessity of protecting the coral reef.

Your final production must include:

The Process

1. Let's explore the coral reef. (Get your answer sheet from your teacher)

a. What is a coral reef?
Click here and type in the question to learn about coral reefs.


Click here for more information about coral reefs.


Now use the information to fill in the answers on your sheet.

b. Let's see what coral reefs look like.
Click below to see some examples of a coral reef. Complete your answer sheet.

Coral Reef Photos: Asia Coral Reef Photos: Australia
Coral Reef Photos: Caribbean Coral Reef Photos: Central America
Coral Reef Photos: Middle East Coral Reef Photos: Pacific
Coral Reef Photos: USA Reef Snapshots - Underwater Slopes
The Fisheye View Cam Coral Reefs

2. Let's learn about the creatures of the reef.(Get the pamphlet form from your teacher)
Click on this website.

Coral Reef Animal Printouts

a. Choose one creature. Click on it.
b. Use the information to fill in your pamphlet. Be sure to write neatly and edit your work. This will be your pamphlet for the hotel lobby.

3. Let's make a mural.

a. Meet with the hotel manager (teacher) to plan the mural and organize the work crews to decorate the lobby.
b. Divide into your crews. Use your wax crayons to fill in the plants, sand and reef on the mural.
c. Every one will need to draw and colour a picture of their creature on the mural using wax crayons.
d. Finally, the whole mural will need to have an ocean-coloured wash.

4. Let's find out how we can save the coral reef.
a. Click here to find out what is endangering the coral reef

Click here to find some ways we can work towards protecting it.

b. With your crew, choose one threat to the reef. Create a poster to illustrate and explain one way that we can protect the reef. This poster will inform the tourists on how they can respect and help protect it.




Click on the picture to read your special message.

Teacher Information

Here you will find general information about the tasks, work sheets and evaluation rubrics.