The Task

Each group must gather information, and after discussion with other team members, choose the facts that will appeal to your fellow classmates. You will create an information booklet that will make the trip to Ottawa more meaningful. Make sure that you use detailed descriptions and illustrations. Each member of the group will take one of the following roles: Historian, Tour Guide, Recreation/Cultural Events Planner, Weather Consultant, or Route Guide. The booklet must contain the items listed under each heading as well as any facts that you condider to be of interest.


  • Name of province, flag, seal and bird/flower/animal
  • Historical facts and events of interest

Tour Guide

  • Parliament Buildings
  • Embassies
  • Official Residences
  • Canadian Mint
  • Other points of interest pertaining to a capital city

Recreation/Cultural Events Planner

  • Museums
  • Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Cultural Events

Weather Consultant

  • Climate
  • Weather appropriate activities
  • How to dress for the weather

Road Guide

  • Using a road map give directions from your city to the province’s capital via Quebec and via Ontario
  • Two or more ways to travel there


  • Outline the shape of the province – mark capital city and major landmarks
  • Show what other provinces or bodies of water borders your province