Reading Comprehension#2

Answer the following questions in sentence form. However,questions followed by short lines require "answers"only.


1.Looking at the picture, what is the difference between the hare and the rabbit?

2.a) What is the hare’s name?

b)What is the tortoise’s name?

3.a)How did the other animals tease Elbert?


b)How did they tease Moe?

4.What contests did Elbert win?

5.What kind of a winner was Elbert?

6.What challenge did Elbert propose to the animals and why?

7.Why did Moe accept the challenge?

8. How did Elbert and Moe prepare for the race?



9.During the course of the race Elbert accepted three (3)
challenges. What did each challenge prove about Elbert?

a)Bucky Beaver _________________________________

b)Octavius Owl__________________________________

c)Fernando Fox__________________________________

10.Which was the most difficult challenge?

11.Who won the race?

12.How did losing the race change Elbert?________________


13.Do you think this was a good thing?

14.Do you know anyone like Elbert? If so, are they easy or difficult to get along with?