Read the story "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and answer the following questions.

1. How many siblings did Peter Rabbit have?

What are their names?

2. How many rabbits are there altogether (the whole family)?

3. How many items did Old Mrs. Rabbit buy? Name them.

4.What do you think weighs more—a loaf of bread or five currant buns?


5. If Peter ate 10 radishes and 13 string beans, how many fewer radishes did he eat?
Show your work.


6. Peter hid in a can. What do you think is the volume of the can?


10 litres

50 litres

7. How long was Peter in Mr. Mc Gregor’s garden?

1 day

1 hour

a fortnight

Explain your answer.

8. A fortnight is 14 days. How many jackets and pair of shoes did Peter lose in a fortnight?

9. Calculate the cost of Peter’s lost clothes. Each jacket cost$5.00, and each pair of shoes cost $12.50. How much did Mrs. Rabbit spend?

How much will Mrs. Rabbit spend if she buys him a new jacket and new shoes?

10. Peter’s mother gave him one tablespoon of camomile tea at bedtime.

How many ml. did she give him? 




Do you think this is a little bit of tea, or a lot of tea ?Explain