1.How many animals in Elbert’s class (including Moe)?

_________Are you counting by 1’s or 2’s ____________


2 a)Look at the ribbons well. Make 3 sets (groups).

b) How many in each set?

Set A_____________________has_____________

Set B _____________________has ____________

Set C _____________________has ____________


3.Write an equation (number sentence ) to indicate the total.________+________+________=_____ribbons.


4.Which is the largest set? __________________

the smallest set?_________


5. Which sets have even numbers? _________________


6.What do all these ribbons mean for Elbert? _________________________________________



7.a) How long did it usually take Moe to visit his grandmother?__________________________________

b) How long did it take him on the day of the challenge?______________________________________

8. How many fewer hours did it take him?

Write an equation.______________________hours.

9.What time is it on Moe’s watch?_______ o’clock.

10. What time did he set out to visit his grandmother?

Write an equation. _________________________.

11. Which challenge took the longest time—the challenge with Bucky Beaver, Octavius Owl, or Fernando Fox?_________________________________.

12. Go to the map.Elbert was at the swamp with Fernando Fox thinking and thinking. Trace Moe’s route to the finish line. Write down the part of the course that Moe completed while Elbert was thinking?




13.How many animals were singing "For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow"? __________________

Count the eyes of the animals by 2’s_______________.

Classify the animals by the number of feet.

4 feet__________________________________________

2 feet__________________________________________

no feet_________________________________________

14.If a rabbit or hare gives birth 3 times a year, and has a litter of 6 kits each time, how many kits does she have a year? Explain how you solved the problem.



15.Rabbits and hares get around by using their powerful hind legs. They can run as fast as 30 kilometres(18miles) an hour. How far can a rabbit or hare travel in 30 minutes? ________________________

in 2 hours ?_____________________________________