Pioneer Days in Canada

The Process
  1. Your journal will be a personal written account of what you encountered during your one week stay in pioneer Canada.
  2. Using the Internet resources listed on the Resources page, research the topics of pioneer life : housing, food, clothing, transportation, occupations, and agriculture.
  3. Keep in mind the following questions:
    • What types of houses did pioneer people live in?
    • What kind of food was available and how did they prepare it?
    • Where did they obtain their clothing? What was a typical outfit for a man? A woman?
    • What kinds of transportaton did they use to get around?
    • What were some jobs that people of that time performed?
    • If you lived on a farm, in what animals and crops would you be involved ?
  4. Use a separate page of your journal for each individual topic.
  5. You may not print information directly from the Internet. Take notes as you read and then you may rewrite them in your journal.