Poetry Scavenger Hunt
J. Juarez & L. White
5/6 & 1/2
Our Lady of Peace School

Treasure Hunt
Poetry Pirates

Your treasure is not underground
That's not where it will be found
You must look between the lines
Delve into your curious minds
Ponder words that stir your hearts
Share ideas that giggle your parts

Read the question
Click on the site
Enjoy the poems
They're a delight


1. Poetry for Kids
URL: http://www.poetry4kids.com/
What is making this author laugh?

2. My Foot Fell Asleep
URL: http://www.poetry4kids.com/Books/myfoot.html
Why is there no more water?

3. I've Seen My Kitchen Sink
URL: http://www.poetry4kids.com/Books/kitchensink.html
Name all the things the author slipped on.

4. Songs and Poems
URL: http://www.track0.com/canteach/elementary/songspoems.html
Find a poem about an insect. Write as many rhyming words as you can.

5. Castle in the Clouds
URL: http://members.xoom.com/patsmagic/children.htm
Who is the author's childhood friend? Who is your childhood friend?

6. Welcome Friends
URL: http://members.home.net/henriksent/rules.htm
Write one of the school rules. What is one of your school rules?

7. Nutrition Poems
URL: http://members.home.net/henriksent/nutrition.htm
What is seafood? What is poultry? Do you like poultry? Do you like seafood?

8. Giggle Poetry
URL: http://www.gigglepoetry.com/GrabBag.cfm?T=1&PI=34
Why is the little boy "all scrambled?" What would make you "all scrambled?"

9. The Case of the Missing Cookie
URL: http://members.aol.com/Bvsangl/cookies.html
What was the boy being accused of? Why did they think he was guilty? Was he guilty?

10. Guess what
URL: http://members.aol.com/Eleehart/guesswhat.html
Read the poems and guess what type of object is "speaking."



Ship ahoy away all mates
The treasure has been found
The poems read
The answer said
Now you`re homeward bound