Energy Efficiency at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

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Boiler Rooms Improvements 

Located in the boiler room, usually in the basement of the school, the boilers are used to heat domestic hot water (for the showers and faucets) and/or to heat the hot water network to heat the school in winter. The boilers provide hot water which is either stored in domestic hot water tanks until needed, or is pumped through the heating network of the building.

Some boilers heat the water by burning oil or natural gas. Others use electric coils to heat the water.  In some smaller schools, heating may be provided directly by baseboard heaters, which are resistive elements similar to those in a toaster. In these schools, the boiler room will only have a boiler for the domestic hot water.

Some of the heating system’s equipment was rather old.  Many have been upgraded 
by newer, state-of-the-art equipment such as high efficiency natural gas boilers.  These 
new boilers greatly reduce the heat losses through the chimney as well as 
polluting emissions.

New electric boilers have also been installed for space heating and domestic hot 
water heating.  Electricity is cheaper than gas depending on the time of the day you use it.  The new electric boilers are controlled to operate only during these periods.  The 
cheapest time to consume electricity generally occurs during night time or at times 
of the day when electrical consumption is lower.

This leads to a net energy cost saving on the global bill and also allows the school to have a redundant energy source (electricity) for heating, which, in Quebec is a renewable source (when provided by Hydro-Quebec dams).    

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