Energy Efficiency at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

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Implementation of Centralized Controls

Centralized controls allow for an better management of the equipments by optimizing 
their use according to predetermined temperature set points and air requirements in 
the building.

The components of a centralized control system include various probes(1) that will 
monitor the air temperature, air quality, delivered air volume and state of the equipments.  All the datas are sent to a computer(2) that manage them according to a 
predetermined program.  The computer then sends tasks to the various equipments(3) 
so they can adjust themselves to meet the demand, without providing excessive heat 
or cold air in the building, which would waste energy.

All controled equipments can be seen on the graphic interface of the computer(4).  A technician who works for the shoolboard can then visualize the conditions, at any given time, in any building that is linked to that centralized control.  He can also address comfort or energy efficiency issues from his office.     

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