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“Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.”

Vince Lombardi


Laval Liberty High School’s (LLHS) Football Concentration program develops Student-Athletes by incorporating a young person’s thirst for football into their daily academic and social environments. Our Football Concentration program is a performance program dedicated to academic, athletic and community development as we work with our partners to develop healthy, successful, engaged and conscientious members of our society.

Our LLHS Football Concentration program has a winning tradition as a result of strategic development and meaningful collaborations:

    -Decrease our student dropout rates and increase student academic success by creating more opportunities for meaningful academic engagement.

    -The ONLY AAA English high school team in Quebec.

   - 2007 Bal D’or Champions.

    -Players have graduated to play with CEGEP and University football programs.

    -Student-Athletes have earned academic, athletic and citizenship excellence awards and are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program.

“Every touchdown starts in the classroom.”

Our Triple ‘A’ in Action standard is successful because of our unwavering commitment to place the student first in our player, program and team development strategies. In order to deliver excellence in both the classroom and on the field we surround our Student-Athletes with excellence by:

-    Assemble a group of likeminded investors and sponsors

 -   Encouraging parental support

  -  Provide coaching expertise

   - Enable meaningful teaching, academic support and accountability

    -Provide diverse athletic development regiments and opportunities

    -Create opportunity for individuals to contribute to our community in positive and meaningful ways

    -Set winning conditions for every Student-Athlete to ‘Win the Day’

Triple ‘A’ in ActionStandard

There are three components to the Triple ‘A’ standard:

    academic success

    athletic development

    active and positive citizenship


Football Concentration divides students onto two teams based on age and in some cases athletic ability.


AA – Cadet (ages 12-15)

Our Cadet team competes in theCadet Masculine AA Division Laurentide Larradiere and is coached in partnership with Laval Junior High School. Student-Athletes from both Laval Junior and Laval Liberty practice and play together.

The Cadet team is both an introductory to football program and an elite player development program that trains and prepares Student-Athletes for success at the AAA level.

AAA –Juvenile (ages 15-18)

Our Juvenile team competes in the Juvenile AAA Division 1 and it is an elite player development program that further develops the Student-Athlete’s knowledge about football while demanding more complex play and athletic ability.

    Deepen player knowledge and developing skill sets

    Requires consistent athletic training, fitness, ability and performance

    Prepare students for post-secondary football


“Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere. It's a result of something... hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.”

Roger Staubach


A Student-Athlete is a member of an academic and athletic performance team who accepts the roles, responsibilities and best practices to work toward personal academic success, develop as an elite athlete and to participate as a positive and engaged citizen. Student-Athletes commit themselves to achieve success as an individual and to the success of their teammates and for the team.


1.     Parents – the Special Teams

Empower and enable parents to directly support and contribute to the development of Football Concentration through the development of a parent volunteer committee comprised of 7 – 10 PANTHERS’ PARENTS. Honour the parents for their participation, recognize their efforts and set out a clear mandate for them to meet the needs of the program.

2.     Academic Success

Monitor student academics, create pathways for clear and consistent teacher – coach communication. Provide academic support and set academic success as the priority for each Student-Athlete. Monitor elective courses and support the teachers.

3.     Athletic Development

Provide a diverse training regiment, teach the fundamentals and complex details of the game, deepen player appreciation and physical fitness, create winning conditions for each player and each team.

4.     Engaged Citizenship

Mandate Student-Athlete participation in citizenship activities, recognize volunteer contributions, and consistently hold  Student-Athletes accountable for their locker-room, classroom and community behaviour.


Triple ‘A’ in ActionStandard

There are three components to the Triple ‘A’ standard:

    academic success

    athletic development

    active and positive citizenship



Football concentration student-athletes must be committed to attaining the academic average of 70% in their core subjects. All student-athletes in the program must be demonstrating a 3% increase in their term marks each term.


Academic Support & Achievement Committee

An academic support and achievement committee members consisting of the Head Coach, Administration, Athletic Coordinator, Teacher, Support Staff. Through one on one student-athlete evaluation the academic committee ensures that students are following the 70% target and 3% increase guidelines.



Student First Learning & Academic Resources

Every Student-Athlete has access to:

    Weekly subject remediation’s with their teachers

    Peer tutoring

    Access to LEARN academic supports

    Weekly team academic sessions

    Tracking system to gauge and support positive behaviour and performance in the classroom


Football Concentration is a performance program that provides young people the opportunity to learn, train and play in the highest level of high school football in Quebec. Every student must take their role as an athlete seriously and come to the field with determination and dedication.


Student-Athletes are required to attend all training sessions throughout the school year and in the summer.  Student-Athletes must be willing to work at a high level, maintain a high standard of fitness, and to develop and perform skill sets essential to football in an effort to improve.

Practice sessions include:

    Summer conditioning camps

    Video analysis sessions, sport psychology, nutrient training, fitness training

    Lunch time training and meetings

    Daily/weekly practice sessions

    Off-season training

    Off-season sports and physical conditioning


The role of the Student-Athlete is to learn and assimilate training information from the support and direction from the coaching staff and translate that information into game knowledge, physical fitness, and into consistent practice and game day performances. Athletic success for a football Student-Athlete is:

    Measured constant improvement

    Consistency in practice and play

    Support and recognition of the team

    Demonstration of comprehensive knowledge of the LLHS playbook

    Physically fit and improving

    Motivated and motivator


Student-Athletes are required to be leaders in the classroom, on the field of play and in our community. We must participate in our community through meaningful actions with our school’s partner 3PPCLI, AGAPE, Cancer Research and Learners Without Borders. Every Student-Athlete must represent the school, the team and each other to the best of their abilities at all times by improving the world around them through their actions.

Football Concentration Student-Athletes demonstrate positive and engaged citizenship by:

    Consistent positive behaviour in the classroom

    Participation in the LLHS citizenship program and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

    Professionalism and restraint in game situations to limit penalties

    Support of teammates, peers and fellow students at LLHS

    Respect for all classes, the learning environment, teachers and staff


“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price.”Vince Lombardi

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