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Junenile AAA Football

Juvenile AAA All-Star Football

Banquet (Feb 16, 2012)

 This past weekend some members of the Juvenile AAA football team were invited to take part in the annual Juvenile AAA All-Star Banquet in Quebec City.

The Gala began with Presentations from various Cegeps looking to recruit future players to their schools. Our players had the privilege of speaking to a few coaches fr

om John Abbott College, Vanier Cegep, Vieux-Montreal, and Champlain (St-Lambert & Lennoxville).

From the results of this year’s standings our school was obviously not expecting many individual awards. On our squad we had to two award winners. The first award went to Trifon Monanteras. Trifon won this award as one of the top Student-Athletes (combined athletic and academic success) in the League. As coaches we look forward to Trifon continuing to lead our team on and off the field.

The second award went to Pileak Sun. Pileak was quite versatile this year playing many positions but excelled mostly as a Punt and Kick-off returner. He was close to the league leaders in total return yardage. He was awarded the Defensive Back all-star of the league.

We hope that at next year’s All-Star Banquet we will be celebrating a few more Individual and Team Awards.

Written by Juvenile Team Members.

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