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The Direction de Santé Publique de Laval invites you to read its monthly web newsletter:

This newsletter is specific to Laval.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact:

Service des communications
Direction de santé publique de Laval
450 978-2121, poste 2111


Laval Liberty High School is committed to preparing our students to be safe and healthy citizens within our society.  It is for this reason which we provide the following mandatory programs and training to all of our students throughout their secondary school career:

Self-Defense Training for all girls in Secondary 3

First Aid Training for all students in Secondary 4

CPR Training for all students in secondary 5

Here is a great resource for parents about bullying at school and what you can do about it.

Laval Liberty High School is an Ecole en Santé school.  Learn more about what this means at:

The Foster Pavillon can help parents whose children have become victims of drug use.

More help can also be found from the Ministere de la Santé et Services Sociaux:

Information about CLSCs

LOCAL COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTRES (Centre local de soins communautaires)

A CLSC provides basic health and social services, as well as rehabilitation or reintegration services to individuals residing in its geographical area. It advises them on, or refers them to, those resources most able to be of assistance to them. CLSCs are the access point to the regional network of health and social services. Some CLSCs have medical clinics offering the same services as most private clinics. CLSCs offer:

- Intake, assessment and orientation
- Basic health and social services for youth, families and the elderly
- Dental and nursing care in schools
- Home care and assistance
- Mental health services
- Industrial health and safety
- Community action
- Information, referral and health advice

How about a Safe After-Grad?

The following guidebook for Canadian and US high school parents by Linda Hunter can help parents and teachers produce a safe, all-night, dry and drug-free event. This book will provide them with the help and encouragement they need for what may seem a daunting task.  The guide provides inspiration and information and makes the entire process easy, manageable, and memorable. Visit to learn more about the book. It is available from the website, and Amazon sites.

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