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Laval Liberty High School
3200 Souvenir O., Chomedey, Laval
Tel. (450) 688-2911
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Football Jamboree is a Triple ‘A’ in ACTION event at Laval Junior and Laval Liberty High Schools. Cycle 3 students from our SWLSB elementary school partners are invited to attend and participate on their school teams.

Our Triple ‘A’ In ACTION system uses the student’s passion for academics, the arts and athletics as tools to help drive the student forward toward reaching their academic goals. While being fully engaged in diverse and challenging learning environments, students are also involved in active volunteerism and citizenship.


FOOTBALL JAMBOREE student-athletes will receive training on and off the field to enable each participant to ‘bring their best’ game to school each and every day. Professional athletes, coaches, teachers, and support staff will sharpen the skills of each student.

Students will be engaged in fair play activities, team building events and introductory to football skills and development.


A full day of skill development and a Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board elementary school tournament on our state of the art sport field. Students will play together on their school teams to further develop their football skills and deepen their understanding of the game.

Elementary schools teams will play each other in a friendly round robin tournament.


A student-athlete must have a healthy mind, body and soul in order to achieve their best game in life. At FOOTBALL JAMBOREE student-athletes will be challenged to learn for success, eat for life, and how to care for their community.

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