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Laval Liberty High School
3200 Souvenir O., Chomedey, Laval
Tel. (450) 688-2911
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Students in Secondary 3 must choose between either a Science & Technology course or an Applied Science & Technology course.  Each of these courses is 150 hours/year and a pre-requisite for Secondary 4 science.

In Secondary 4, students must succed in either Science & Technology (100 hours/year) or Applied Science & Technology (150 hours/year).  Students who wish to continue with advanced science classes in Secondary 5 must also complete a mandatory Science of the Environment course (either 100 hours or 50 hours/year) in addition to their compulsory Secondary 4 science course.

In Secondary 5, students who wish to continue with advanced science courses usually select Chemistry (100 hours/year)  and Physics (100 hours/year).  These courses are also matched with a Robotics and Pre-Calculus option.

Students in Secondary 5 may also select Biology (100 hours/year) as an optional course if they are not enrolled in Chemistry or Physics.

Students annually present their science projects in our local school science fair, while local winners annually compete in the Bell Montreal Regional Science Fair.

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