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Laval Liberty High School
3200 Souvenir O., Chomedey, Laval
Tel. (450) 688-2911
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Sports Concentration Programs

Hockey Concentration (Sec. 3, 4 & 5)

Football Concentration (Sec. 3, 4 & 5)

Soccer Concentration (Sec. 3, 4 & 5)

These programs require that students achieve and maintain excellence in academics, arts/athletics and citizenship.  Students must maintain a minimum 75% academic average in order to continue in these programs from term to term.  Students must also demonstrate outstanding performance in their specific concentration.  Finally, students must also demonstrate and maintain outstanding citizenship.  These three criteria are the main standards which students must adhere to in order to be successful in either of our concentration programs. 

Currently, the overall academic average of our students in each of these programs is above 75%, and in some cases above 80%.  Students benefit from more time in their specific concentration subject in comparison to regular students. 


In addition to the concentrations our students participate in a wholistic Physical Education program and daily healthy activity. Volleyball, rock climbing, skiing, basketball, badmnton and a wide range of winter and summers sports and personal physical development education for healthy lifestyles.


Every student receives first aid training.


Every female student at LLHS receives self-defense training.


The United Students Sport Federation (U.S.S.F.) Student Leaders run and create all student lunch time activities - Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Dodge Ball, Flag Football, Ball Hockey, Ice Hockey, Outdoor Soccer. The U.S.S.F. is a partnership between LLHS and Chomedey en Forme.

YOGA for Girls

In Partnership with Chomedey en Forme, weekly yoga sessions are provided for girls before school.


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