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Laval Liberty High School
3200 Souvenir O., Chomedey, Laval
Tel. (450) 688-2911
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The mission of the Laval Liberty High School ‘Responsible Citizen Program’ is to create accessible volunteer opportunities so that every student can have a positive impact at school, in the community, and the world. Through participation with volunteer initiatives we desire to strengthen the character of our students. In partnership with Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey we seek to create yearly recognition of service.



Volunteer work that promotes inclusion, social justice, and respect for all people at Laval Liberty High School, in the community, or around the world outside of course requirements and monetary gain.



Students record their citizenship hours from July to June in their Student Agenda. At the end of each year students hand in their form to Daniel Johnson to be recorded into GPI for their year-end report cards. The 3rd Annual Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey Citizenship Awards will be held in the Srping.


100+ hours = Bronze

200+ hours = Silver

300+ hours = Gold

400+ hours = Platinum



3 PPCLI (3rd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry) sponsors the ‘Sgt. Chris Karigiannis and 3PPCLI Memorial Award’ for the graduate who has preformed outstanding citizenship work over three years and who is in excellent academic standing. 3PPCLI members travel from Edmonton, Alberta annually to present this prestigious award that the Federal Government of Canada has duplicated using the Laval Liberty model for select high schools across Canada.



Lise Montagne, Laval Liberty High School’s Community Learning Centre Coordinator, and Cheryl Smith, Spiritual and Community Animator, are the key allies to draw in support and to establish volunteer opportunities with community groups. Peter Karigiannis, Sgt. Chris Karigiannis’ brother, is an integral member of our Panthers family.



DESJARDINS CAISSE DE CHOMEDEY is the sole sponsor of active and engaged citizens at Laval Liberty High School.




We have decided to focus our fundraising efforts for 2014-2015 in order to:

      Achieve greater results financially.

      Create more intentional and continuous learning opportunities for the initiatives.

      Create a plan and achieve a sense of success for students and staff as we set goals, build relationships, and meet specific targets.



Cancer Research– Through Mrs. Chyfetz relationship with Dr. Batist at McGill Centre for Translational Research in Cancer.

World Initiative– LEARNERS WITHOUT BORDERS – Sustainable development for a village in Uganda. Students and staff have created a unique organization that provides sustainability to a village in Uganda through the selling of hand crafted jewelry from the village community in Canada. 100% of the sales provide food, shelter, and education to the village.

Laval Community Initiative– AGAPE, Adopt-A-Grandparent

School Community Initiative– AVEC/Green Club, United Students Sport Federation



Citizenship programs and our partners like Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey are continually promoted to our community through school announcements, our school website, newspaper articles, and at all community events.



Video conferences are held weekly with the different citizenship partners and programs with the Community Learning Centres of Quebec, the University of Alberta, Parks Canada, the United Nations, and more.



Students gain real world experience by traveling to communities in need around the world. We are traveling to Costa Rica to help the BriBri tribe in the spring of 2015.



Students are encouraged to volunteer with AGAPE and to play an active role in annual food drives and fundraisers to support AGAPE in Laval.


Students Leadership training is an ongoing intensive training program that develops the next generation of leaders in our Laval community. This a partnership program with 3PPCLI. Leadership training includes training provide by national partners, practical experience and attending worldwide conferences.






Learners Without Borders -Uganda


AGAPE & Community Breakfast - Laval


Student Council


Student Leadership


Drug Prevention


Adopt - A – Grandparent


Girl Talk Magazine



Forums on global warming, emerging green technologies, the water crisis, and food shortages.

Implement recycling and ‘green’ strategies within the LLHS community

Building of a community garden.


United Students Sport Federation


CLC volunteers


Breakfast Program for disadvantaged youth


Student Mentoring


Cancer Research – Translational Centre for Disease Research, McGill University


Benefit Concerts


ANNUAL DESJARDINS CAISSE DE CHOMEDEY CITIZENSHIP AWARDS   The Annual Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey Citizenship Awards take place in May. Awards are presented to students by representatives of Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey, community partners, and members of our Panther family.   Desjardins Panthers Citizenship Award Certificates: Laval Liberty students who have submitted their Citizenship forms and collected 100 or more hours of service will be recognized with certificates: Bronze – 100+ hours of service Silver – 200+ hours of service Gold – 300+ Hours of service Platinum – 400+ Hours of service   Desjardins Caisse de Chomedey Citizenship Awards for Significant Volunteer Contributions 2014-2015 Desjardins Citizenship Award Nominations:      Nominees must demonstrate dedication to bettering our community.      Nominees must demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence within their abilities.      Nominees must demonstrate excellence in school behaviour and school participation. AWARD DESCRIPTIONS   CANDICE POLLACK INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD A student who continually takes initiative to positively change the world around them. This student must show dedication, determination, and leadership by creating awareness and inspiring other students to get involved in actively caring for people in need at home and around the world.   Nominee:
CAPTAIN MATTHEW JONATHON DAWE EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP AWARD Captain Matthew Dawe was good friends with Sgt. Chris Karigiannis. Captain Dawe was an athlete, a dedicated friend, father and husband. He was dedicated to his team. Captain Dawe tore his Achilles tendon months before he was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan on the tour that ended up costing him his life. He could have stayed behind but he refused to let his men go into danger without him. Captain Dawe died in Afghanistan because he believed that the people of Afghanistan and us in Laval and Canada deserve better. Captain Dawe did his best to make the world a better place.   The Captain Matthew Jonathon Dawe Award is for a student who has continually provided direction and inspiration to a class, group, team, or school organization. A student who has gone above desired expectations to involve students, reach out to our community, fundraise or care for the people around them in significant ways. This student must have demonstrated academic excellence and maintained an overall average of 80% or greater.   Nominee:   COMPASSIONATE STUDENT AWARD For a student who is responsible for an action, activity, school function, or an awareness campaign for a charitable initiative, person, or for a community in need. i.e. community breakfast, school activity, community project, CLC.   Nominee:   CHANGE 4 CHANGE AWARD A student who has made a significant contribution to one or all of the four Change 4 Change initiatives. AVEC, CANCER RESEARCH, AFGHAN SCHOOL, AGAPE.   Nominee:
  HOCKEY DAY IN LAVAL SERVICE AWARD A student who made the LLHS annual Hockey Day possible for our school and community.   Nominee:   LAVAL SERVICE AWARD  A student who has made a significant contribution to our Laval Community through their involvement in a local Laval community organization. i.e. hospitals, retirement homes, AGAPE, etc.   Nominee:   SIR WILFRID LAURIER SCHOOL BOARD AWARD A student who has made an outstanding contribution and provided leadership to a school event, seminar, or activity that encourages teamwork, community participation and cooperation.   Nominee:
  GREEN PLANET AWARD A student who has provided leadership to improving school recycling, reducing school waste, creating opportunities for ‘eco-education’, and encouraging the development of full community participation in an effort to create a cleaner and a more responsible world.   Nominee:   AWARD OF MERIT For students who exhibit outstanding volunteerism in support of the Laval Liberty High School community.     LAVAL LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOL CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION A certificate awarded to adult partners who make a lasting and positive impact in the lives of young people at Laval Liberty High School.    

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