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Flight Unit Overview + Notes

**Grade 6 - Flight Unit-Video   **** 14 min - 26 Jan 2011 - Uploaded by SciEducation -Informal resource video for elementary science teachers based on the science curriculum unit about flight - Grade 6

 Flight (construct devices that move through air, and identify adaptations for controlling flight.)

Principles of Aeronautics
****The Thrill of Flight  ******- multimedia resource contains lessons, interactive activities, games, worksheets, tests for understanding and links to topic (Learn Alberta)


Plane Math Activities

Fuselage Department How's it going? I'm Sylvester "Syl" Inder. I'm what you might call an airplane fanatic.

  • Tour of the Basics

    Greetings, I'm Al Eron. We're going to learn about the basic parts of a plane.

Forces of Flight Hi y'all!! My name is Ynez Isabela Fligh. I'm here to teach you the basics of why planes fly.

How Do Things Fly? What Makes an Airplane Fly?
Flight Project Dynamics of Flight - Describes the basics of flight using diagrams, charts and descriptors. Included are: four forces of flight, plane movements, cockpit instruments and explanation of each.

Ultra-Efficient Engine Technology Welcome to the UEET Kid's Site - a NASA program

Wonderville Airborne Experiment


Fun & Games

Wright Brothers' Flying Machine - Getting Airborne (Flash) What makes an airplane fly?

Flying Firsts Explore the timeline to more learn about first in flying.



The Space Place :: Shoot a Cannonball into Orbit! This Is How Orbits Work!

Variables - FOSSWEB--Try to control the variables when you launch Blasto the Subhuman Cannonball, so that he lands successfully in the net.