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This page is dedicated to links of interest to all. You are welcome to email me any of your favourites to share with everyone.

interesting community information.

To help you search for your projects check the links below:


Here is an incredible Canadian site with a wealth of information on a variety of themes.


Welcome to the Bilingual All-Canadian Nature museum on-line.

Canadian Wildlife Federation’s educational site is well worth the visit for a load of environmental information and activities.


Although an American site, this one is quite interesting while dealing with none other than...Garbage!

On this link you will find all the information required on the subject of composting! Site bilingue.

Click on either one of the two planets above for environmental site for kids.

Pour vos recherches sur les espèces en péril. Site bilingue!



Check out the smily face for a great site offering lots of very interesting links in: environment, sciences, social studies, sports, etc...

Sur cette page des enfants, vous serez dirigé vers le site de la bibliothèque nationale du Canada! Un site qui en vaut vraiment la peine (bilingue)

Jeux de langue, d'expression française et québéquoise et bien d'autres!

Un site avec énormément d'information!