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Welcome everyone to your class' website.

The main objectives of this site are:

To provide information for both parents and students concerning the way this classroom functions and to facilitate communication between the school, the class and the family.

To provide Internet sources of information to enrich learning experiences. Teachers, students or parents are all welcome to contribute suggestions to make this section a success. As I say CHECK IT OUT!

To save the environment: With the help of this technology, I am hoping that parents and children will use this site, thus cutting down on a great deal of photocopying of memos, schedules, information letters and so on. Those of you who do not have access to the Internet will still receive a hard copy of each document that will be uploaded to the site.

You can always e-mail me for any suggestions and ideas at:


To get to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School board and Morin-Heights Elementary school's websites just follow the links below:

A few notes about the organization of the site:

Buttons on the left of the page are always visible from whichever page you will be on:

HOME: Brings you back to the English welcome page.
PAGE D’ACCUEIL: Brings you back to the French welcome page.
: School’s monthly calendar plus our own class activities are displayed here.
KIDS’ SHOWCASE: This is where the students will display their current work.
WEEKLY HOMEWORK: A complete write-up about expectations for each assignment is displayed here as well as the weekly homework plan.
PROJECT ARCHIVES: Past projects will be displayed here.
CHECK IT OUT: A page displaying cool links and interesting facts where everyone is welcome to share their own Internet discoveries.
FOR PARENTS: Memos and information page for parents.
PHYS ED: A link to Ms. Antioco’s web site.