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Winter Survival 2005  

Hi everyone and welcome to this 2005 winter survival session.

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Hi everyone,

Your child has been accepted in the 2005 edition of the Winter Survival Program. This program will give your child the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills related to our great Canadian winter, while enjoying snowshoeing. The school will provide snowshoes.

As you will see on the course outline, we will discuss proper clothing and equipment. It is of prime importance that your child comes well prepared for all kinds of weather, as we will be outside most of the time after we have done the teaching/building/making component of the course. Children without proper gear, will have to stay in the school and miss out on the outing.

Here is a brief overview of the program. At the end of the six-week sessions, your child will be given a handbook summarising all that has been taught.

-"How to keep warm-part 1" -Equipment overview (clothing, footwear and snowshoes)

-"How to keep warm-part 2" -Fires and fire starters

-"How not to get lost" -Orienteering

-"The kitchen" -The survival stove

-"How not to get hurt" -Wilderness 911

-"Full-day Fun" -More details to follow.

Along with the minimal cost attached to this course, your child is also expected to bring the following materials:

-All the proper clothing, headgear, "handwear" and footwear (regular "Sorel" type boots will work in the snowshoe bindings…running shoes and fancy heel boots are a definite NO-NO!)
-A full extra snack
-A bottle of water
-Extra socks
-Extra pair of mitts
-An extra sweater

Requirements for week 2 are:
-An emptycardboard box of a dozen eggs
-Any leftover wax
-A ziploc bag full of dryer lint
-A smile

Requirements for week 3 are:
- To be in a good mood, and have a positive attitude.
- If you have a challenge to suggest, now is the time!

Requirements for week 4 are:
-1 - 4" nail
-1 clean empty 14-fl. Oz 398ml can
-1 clean empty 19-fl. Oz 540ml can + lid
-3 tealight candles
-A good clean joke or riddle to share J

Requirements for week 5 are:
- 10 Band aids and gauze pad in a small ziploc bag
- Initiative and common sense

Requirements for week 6 are:
- ALL of the above, extra warm clothing and being ready for a full day program, regardless of the weather conditions.
- Your nature-objects-homemade gift and quality of your secret buddy for the gifting ceremony.

You can check on my website for weekly updates:


We are looking forward to a fun filled six week program. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Anne-Isabelle Cuvillier - Cycle II teacher and Winter Survival Coordinator