Mrs. Adam's


Superteams Of The Month
These are the cooperative teams with the highest scores for the month

April's Superteam

The Skittles
Gabrielle, Jacob, Justine & Nicolas

March's Superteam


The Celebrities

Anthony, Jordan, Michael, Nicolas & Sheldon


February's Superteam


The Kitties

Abele, Matthew, Michael & Savhana


January's Superteam


The Blizzards

George, Justine, Robin & Sebastien


December's Superteam


The Record Breakers

Alex, Arianne C., Nathaniel & Robin



Novemberís Superteam


Lucky Charms

Gaabrielle, Joshua, Liam & Robin



Septemberís Superteam


The Graduates

Alex, Jacob, Matthew & Sebastien