May 28th - until the end of the year – June 22nd


All Regular scheduled homework has now come to an end

The only exceptions are individual students who still have work owing.

Some Upcoming dates to note - other events may be added


Thursday, May 31st – Creations: [for students]@ 1pm.

Friday, June 1st – Creations 2012 @ 7pm

Thursday, June 7th – Mr. Quinn’s day

Friday, June 8th – pm Grad prep in gym

Grade 6 Grad Ceremony at 7 pm. [students come at 6:45]

Ceremony lasts approximately 1 hour - Party lasts until 10:00pm

Monday, June 11th – Cosmodome Trip

Monday, June 18th – Track ‘n Fun, all day

Tuesday, June 19th – Track ‘n Fun - rain date

Wednesday, June 20th – Waterslide Trip

Thursday, June 21st – Cycle Awards in the morning

Junior Creations @ 1pm

Thursday, June 22nd – Closing Ceremonies @ 8:50 am

Student Dance [Levels 4-6] in the afternoon.


 Summer Vacation begins!

Have a safe and happy one.

Good Luck in your new schools!





In general, a student at this level is expected to do a total [that is - all subjects] of up to 60 minutes per weekday evening. If your child is experiencing difficulty with his/her homework assignments, or the amount of work assigned please contact me immediately. Adjustments will be made.


Daily reading is your child’s most important homework task. Reading is central to all subjects, whether an assigned or recreational text, read silently or aloud, being read to or reading to someone else, it is a crucial academic tool. Students are expected to read for at least fifteen minutes each day and keep a record of their reading in their Agenda. Some reading time is scheduled at school.



In Math and Language Arts, the weekly homework schedule is listed below and will often include work not fully completed in class, especially the math workbook. This is independent work to reinforce skills already learned, or to prepare for class through research or study.


As many of our students participate in a variety of after school activities, certain evenings may be too busy to complete much homework.  By assigning work in the following way students are able to plan around their busy schedules and develop good organizational skills and work habits, preparing them for next year in High School.


Grammar                Assigned – Monday           Due - Thursday

Vocabulary Work   Assigned - Wednesday      Due –  Monday

Vocabulary Test     Assigned - Wednesday      Test - Tuesday

Problem Solving      Assigned – Thursday        Due -  Wednesday


Please note if there is no school on a particular day the homework due on that day should be handed in the following day.