Morin Heights P.E.



Magic Eagles 2010-2011

On Sunday November 21, our Magic Eagles, which consist of senior veteran players from the MHES Eagles and the Laurentia Magic, played in a the Katimavik Tournament in St. Laurent. Our Magic Eagles beat Perce Neige and Katimavik to win our division and go to the semi final against a club team; The West Island Lakers. Competition was getting fierce but our Magic Eagles stuck to our game plan and beat the Lakers. We met the Rosemere Club team in the final. Each team we met was big and very physical. Our Magic Eagles had to dig very deep to try to defeat a club team, who play in many weekend tournaments and who practice several times a week. The final game was a real nail biter. Our Magic Eagles exchanged the lead several times throughout the game. It was 16 -14 for us with less than 2 minutes to go. Our Magic Eagles remained calm and continued to pressure the Rosemere Club. The tension intensified when all of a sudden, they fouled our Daphne with 1:30 left. Daphne was sent to the foul line....with so much pressure on her shoulders all we prayed for was for her to score at least one foul shot so it would make it a 2 possession game with about a minute to go. Calm as a cucumber .....Daphne sinks the first basket.....yes a sigh a relief.....then she sinks her by 4 points....time is melting off the clock and we score another point...20 to 15 a 3 possession game....3....2.....1.....BUZZZZZZZ game over our Magic Eagles are crowned Champions......



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